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Folk architecture and everyday life of Ukraine lives in the open-air museum!

Today, about 300 monuments of folk construction of the 16th-20th centuries have been installed on the territory of the open-air museum. Traditional residential and economic complexes include houses, storehouses, wells, and other attributes of an ancient Ukrainian village. The oldest architectural exhibit is a house from the village. Samara, Volyn region (1587).
The museum’s funds include about 100,000 various exhibits: folk clothing, fabric, furniture, tools, products of potters, coopers, carpenters, carpenters, blacksmiths, folk painting and painting, musical instruments, children’s toys, etc.

Skansen constantly takes care of the revival and development of folk crafts and promotes the restoration of ancient traditions. Since 1978, seasonal ethnographic fairs have been held here, where folk craftsmen from all over Ukraine come to share their experiences, meet new friends, and teach visitors ancient crafts.

The museum is actively engaged in the development of the spiritual culture of Ukrainians. It has become traditional to hold national holidays: from Christmas and Kolody, to Andrew and meeting with Saint Nicholas. Every event is not without interesting rituals and customs. There is a “Creative workshop” in the village administration, where anyone can learn how to make folk art products: from vytinaka to a spoon.
Each visitor can walk along the paths of the museum independently or accompanied by a qualified tour guide. There are also souvenir shops and food establishments on the territory.
Every year, the Kyiv Skansen welcomes visitors not only from Ukraine but also from various parts of the world. Become one of them!


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