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Secrets of Lviv courtyards


Lviv attracts with its streets, passages and courtyards…
How does he do it? Because sophistication and mystery have always attracted attention!
We go to unravel the secrets of Lviv courtyards, find interesting things, explore history and enjoy the atmosphere. We begin the journey in the heart of the city of Leo – on the Market Square.

Starting point address

  • Start Rynok Square, Lviv, Lviv Region, 79008
  • Finish Andreolli Passage, Lviv, Lviv Region, 79000
Number 10 points points
Duration 60 minutes minutes

How to start a quest

  • Step 1

    Go to the quest

  • Step 2

    Start the mission

  • Step 3

    Play and win!

  • Step 4

    Get a prize

  • Step 5

    Fight with friends

Secrets of Lviv courtyards



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