Valentines day Quest tour. Ski resort. FreeGen

Entertaining quest routes in a smartphone for popular holidays on the FreeGen gamification platform have become a highlight of cities and resorts. Thematic quest routes, well-designed by scriptwriters, will brightly color the weekend of residents and guests with an exciting adventure on the theme of the holiday.

Literally in 1 day, such a quest route can appear at any location in the world. Nothing prevents you from activating missions at the same time, for example, in all parks in Ukraine, Central Park in New York, Paris or several hotels in Egypt.
But the most interesting is the involvement of guests and tourists in a journey with a thematic quest route in unusual places, such as ski resorts or tropical islands.

In our case, the quest route is dedicated to the romantic Valentine’s Day. The lovers were offered to go through several points in the most landscaped places and answer quiz questions, including with the help of 3D heroes in augmented reality.
The mission was activated on Valentine’s Day on February 14th and remains available for adventure any time the resort management decides. Usually this is a month.

Simultaneously activate several similar romantic missions in different parts of the world in the parks of Kyiv, the islands of Mauritius and the most interesting location was the Austrian ski resort.
Thanks to the presence of the English version of the missions.

Of course, finding a cool cupid on top of the mountain 3029 m above sea level is another trick. It is even more unusual when a taxi tip will bring you to the edge of the cliff top. Often these animated heroes become popular TikTok and Instagram stories by adding non-verbal location advertising.

Traveling from mountain to mountain on lifts, skis and snowboards, looking for secrets in 3D models of augmented reality and answering entertaining quizzes, turns a standard ski resort into a new fascinating world through which, in addition to good mood and exciting adventures, you can get acquainted with the far corners of the resort, lead to commercial zones and motivate guests by accumulating points and game currency.

All who pass the quest receive instant prizes from the ski resort for the best results, such as lunch at a restaurant for two or souvenirs of the resort. Also, guests can purchase prizes for the earned currency.
Gamification of popular and national holidays allows tourists and residents to look at the region with a new look and spend time with family or friends. At the same time, on average, there are up to 20 large-scale holidays a year that are celebrated in each city.

Quest routes in a smartphone are especially relevant during a pandemic, when it is impossible to gather for excursions in large groups. So go ahead for a thrilling experience with FreeGen’s innovative holiday quest routes.


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