Quest tour for ski resort and green tourism

Putting our legendary Dream in the most unusual place, for example on top of a cliff in the Alps, is possible in augmented reality. However, how to make a whole aviation museum of aircraft of all times and all nations. So that everyone can view and take a selfie video in detail in Tik Tok with this symbol of Ukraine.

Gamification of quest routes by ski resorts has become a trend in recent years. Entertaining travel and children’s missions on a smartphone on the FreeGen gaming platform have become a highlight not only of hotels but also of long ski resorts and green tourism regions.

Themed quest routes, well designed by the screenwriters, will vividly color the weekend residents and guests with a fascinating adventure in the mountains of the resort.

In our case, scenarios for several types of quest routes were developed

The first quest route for Valentine’s Day is dedicated to the romantic Valentine’s Day. Lovers were invited to go through several points in the most landscape places and answer quiz questions, including with the help of 3D characters in augmented reality.

For the Volkswagen-Audi Group, which regularly holds exhibitions of retro-mobile museums directly at cable car interchanges, using it as a marketing tool for advertising. And the creation of a collection of retro cars in augmented reality has added new opportunities to demonstrate the rare models and concept cars of this auto giant.
Children’s entertainment quest routes in all children’s areas of the ski resort with a prize at the end became the best motivator not only to get acquainted with all corners of children’s trails prepared by the resort but also to overcome snow obstacles and solve puzzles with a snowman, catch a dinosaur or find alien secrets.

Historical and tourist quest routes will acquaint you with the history and sights of the territories in detail in a fun way.
The sports quest route involves trails of varying difficulty at speed with a check in all central locations of the resort.
All these sports, children’s, tourist and holiday challenges can take place at a specific time, gathering people in one place.
In just 2 weeks, the FreeGen team can develop such a quest route for any resort or hotel in the world. At the same time, nothing prevents activating missions at the same time, for example, in several parts of the world, for example in the resorts of Austria, France and Canada.


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