Gamification of festivals a new level of attracting visitors

Gamification turns the festival into a game in which the main character is the visitor. Imagine how fascinating a guest is. Extravagant missions, a twisted plot, the use of scenery and the entire territory of the festival, the transition from online to offline – it’s just a super change from reality to adventure and super-fun entertainment. Of course, for greater excitement of players you need game currency, for which you can buy festive souvenirs. Also a good motivator is the final draw of a valuable prize.

For the organizers, gamification is also beneficial. Thanks to the game, they bring the history and essence of the festival to the guests in an interesting way, as well as involve them as much as possible in sponsorship platforms and marketplaces. In this way, players are immersed in the festival as much as possible – and for business it is high-quality customer retention at their location.


ATLAS is the largest Ukrainian festival. This year it gathered a record number of guests – about 700 thousand people. And in 2021, his main innovation was a quest on a smartphone called “Atlas Quest” from FreeGen.

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