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Touch Ukraine. Virtual online tour

Our team has created a virtual museum of well known Ukrainian symbols in Augmented Reality, which can be viewed in details at any places, streets and squares different countries of the world.


Ukraine has become the first frontier of protection for freedom and democracy in Europe and in the world from russian aggressor russia brings war, bombing and missiles attacks with massive destructions of cities bringing thousands of death of civilians, children, bring hunger and humanitarian catastrophe. The unexpected heroism of military and the Ukrainian people has become a legend of bravery and courage in the fight Ukrainians against russian fascism. Ukraine is a beautiful, peaceful country and to get to know it better, touch it and immerse into atmosphere its history and culture is possible through the project “Touch Ukraine”.

Through the FreeGen platform, all 25 regions of Ukraine will appear before you, so you can visit them from anywhere in the world. Deeply feel and understand the spirit of Ukrainian people.

Our tour consists of virtual museum using augmented reality with 360 degree panoramic pictures of local landscapes and exciting quizzes with interesting facts about each region of Ukraine. Traveling on a virtual tour is an excellent entertainment program for city residents, tourists, and especially for teaching students at universities and colleges using new technologies of augmented reality and panoramas of locations and symbols of Ukraine.

For the best experience of the tour the starting point of our tour is better to place at the parks entrances, popular places of the cities, central squares, bus or railway stations, airports and ports. The virtual museum includes 25 sequential steps that must be followed and checked in at the location of each region of Ukraine.

To touch the history and culture of Ukraine, to feel it right next to you and hold it in your hands.

Our virtual tour can be experienced anywhere, but it is more exciting if you attach virtual museum to the location on the central square or city park and invite others to visit the museum and get to know Ukraine. For this you will need to find the most popular spot and then send us 25 coordinates of the points to visit beautiful places int he park.

Anyone can download the application via link or QR code directly on the location, and following the link walk through all regions of Ukraine right at the park of your city. There is an opportunity to donate as humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine but this is not an obligation and is always up to you.

Mobile application link:

Have a pleasant walk through the beautiful and long-suffering country, Ukraine.

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