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FreeGen scheduled missions

The scheduled or timed mission function is very interesting for game logics, because it gives great opportunities for the systemic involvement of visitors in the gamification of events, sports, tourism and culture, for example, constant multiple access to a branded mission or concentration of users in one place and at one time.
The essence of the logic is that the mission or quest route appears in the feed for a certain time window, and can notify about it through push messages. At the same time, you can complete the task, check in or earn in-game currency only while the mission is active.
In sports gamification, this is clearly implemented as FunUp morning and evening exercises. For example, from 9:00 to 11:00, the mission is automatically activated and if at this time the set of exercises is correctly completed, then the game currency is charged.
Again, from 17:00 to 19:00, a second time window opens where you can also earn currency by squats and exercises, which you can then buy in the prize shop. This is a good motivator not to skip workouts.
Similar temporary missions with quizzes and puzzles, for example, can be used in the gamification of education, tourism and medicine.
The game logic of temporary missions is also well used at festivals, when at a certain time it is necessary to gather visitors in one place, for example, near the stage with the main headliner. To do this, it is enough to open a time window for the check-in zone in front of the scene. And of course, you can diversify this step with a quiz, augmented reality or a recognition of some kind of sign, for example, on stage.
The platform provides for scheduled missions, you can set them according to the calendar and for a certain time, which is very effective, for example, for various actions of subbotniks, fairs, environmental, New Year’s holidays, parades, etc. Checking in by a user in a certain place in a given time window allows you to earn in-game currency, which is a good motivator for gathering people in one place at a certain time. Use FreeGen platform quest routes and scheduled missions for your corporations and events. Bright emotions and impressions to you.


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