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Airplane Dream in Augmented Reality AR

During the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian occupiers destroyed the largest plane in the world, the pride of Ukraine, our Dream.
But the Friedgen team recreated the Ukrainian legend in the virtual world.

Now everyone can install this plane, with the help of augmented reality, anywhere in the world and view it in detail, take a selfie with it or use it in their videos. After the victory in the war over Russia, Ukrainians will definitely restore their dream, and for now we can temporarily admire it in the parallel reality of the virtual world.
Everyone can find access to the use of the Dream virtual plane through the 3D selfie park of the Fridgen application, as part of the Touch Ukraine virtual tour, as well as through the Fridgen.Games website or Instagram page. All links in the description of this video. Send us your ideas, which symbols of Ukraine can be transferred to the virtual world and which legendary sculptures or monuments can be revived.

The description of the virtual tour “Touch Ukraine” can be found at the link 
Go to the virtual tour “Touch Ukraine” at the link

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