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Virtual Museums and Selfie Parks

In the application, in addition to tourist, entertainment, children’s and sports quest routes, a special kind of intermission is added – the so-called selfie parks and virtual museums.

They allow you to see in augmented reality and interact with 3D copies of famous movie and comic book characters, stage stars, as well as view art objects, virtual sculptures, archeological finds, art objects, etc., all of which can appear directly on the central square of the city, in the neighboring park, or even in your yard.
How it works

– Virtual museums can be located in a certain place, for example on the main street of the city or in the school stadium. So that the residents of a certain time gather in one place to get acquainted with the exhibits of the museum or to have fun with the heroes of the selfie park.
– In addition, the museum can virtually move around the city or even locations across the country, for example, on Friday we have a comic book selfie amusement park in Central Park, and on Tuesday there will be a zoo with ancient animals, and on Thursday a museum of futuristic Bernese sculptures mena.
– Also, selfie parks and museums can be made available anywhere in the world instead of being tied to a specific place. Such as a selfie park for a Halloween weekend or New Year’s Eve heroes. It all depends on the logic that will be laid by the game designer in the virtual museum.
Halloween Selfie Park

– In addition, Selfie Parks can be supplemented with elements of the quest route photo, video, audio, thematic quizzes and augmented reality models. What is very fashionable in the new generation for selfies of social networks and video scenes for TikTok.
– Heroes of comics, movies and games, Jurassic park dinosaurs, zombies, a snowman, movie stars, politicians, an exhibition of cars or world sculptures, lost architectural monuments and art objects of the future – all made possible by freegen virtual museums in any park, square, country club and even kindergarten/
Quest route Pirogovo festival “Travel Ukraine”

– Virtual augmented reality exhibitions, museums and selfie parks have become a trend in modern cities and are widely used by corporations and municipalities for tourism, entertainment and active leisure of city dwellers. The Frigen application has full functionality for creating intermission from tourist quest routes to virtual museums in augmented reality with the motivation to earn game currency foints for completed tasks.
– Depending on the time of year and holidays, the Friedgen team publishes free selfie parks with 3D characters and art objects in the app. To get to the current selfie park or museum, just click on the 3D park camera at the bottom of the program screen, select the hero from the tape and he is already dancing in front of you.

At the end of October, the horror horror of the Halloween weekend was relevant. The camera can take photos and videos both vertically and horizontally. However, the characters are not tied to a specific location and can be placed anywhere you are.

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